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Nolan Acclaim

It’s taken me a while, but I think I have to finally admit that Chris Nolan is my new favorite director. Or maybe writer/director. Either way, I think he’s awesome at what he does.

I’ve seen every movie he’s made since Momento at the theater, and after each and every one I say to myself, “That was surprisingly good.” I didn’t think The Prestige would be as good as The Illusionist, my friend dragged me to Insomnia, and I thought The Dark Knight would be a “dark” (AKA “crappy”) remake of Burton’s Batman. Each and every time I was shocked and impressed. My luck, though, because I have finally decided to start following this guy, he’s going to make some bad movies.

Same thing happened with Shyamalan, and Burton, and Raimi, and Spielberg, and Bay, and Zemeckis, and Fincher.

Ok. It wasn’t like I realized that they were good and they immediately made bad movies. It just seems that whenever I finally back somebody, they make one or two movies where I can say, “See, I told you it’d be good!” and then they immediately make something bad:

  • I say I like Shyamalan and he makes Signs. And then The Village.
  • I say I like Burton and he makes Edward Scissorhands. And then Mars Attacks!
  • I say I like Raimi and he makes Spiderman 2. And then Spiderman 3.
  • I say I like Bay and he makes The Rock. And then The Island.
  • I say I like Zemeckis and he makes Castaway. And then The Polar Express.
  • I say I like Fincher and he makes Fight Club. And then Zodiac.

Hopefully, Nolan will not continue this legacy. Although, after seeing Inception, I could definitely find some spots here and there that were unnecessary and seemed pretty forced (a few of Cobb’s explanations). I’m hoping it’s not a trend that will continue when Batman 3 comes out.

Here’s what will probably happen:

Since I’ve announced that I will see any movie he makes regardless of content (I still say this about Cameron) and since he always makes movies that are surprising and since whenever I praise a director they end up coming out with a crappy film, chances are that Batman 3 will be about how Batman has descended into a dark place since his woman died; he’s turned to pedophilia. It’s here where we introduce Robin.


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