A Fifth Category

I’ve discovered a fifth category of Why Someone Would Want Kids.  This one didn’t hit me until this past weekend when I happened to be hanging around some older people (it didn’t hit me, because this is usually an older person’s point of view).

To review, there is:

  1. “I have all the answers” category.
  2. “I love myself” category.
  3. “I want to be part of something bigger” category.
  4. “I am and always will be middle-aged” category.
  5. And now the fifth: “I don’t want to die alone” category.  I’ve heard more and more of this lately, but it makes sense and harkens back to a simpler time when people would die of the flu at age 30.  These people want children as an insurance policy.  They want someone to take care of them in their old age or should they become demented.  They want people to feel responsible for them and respond accordingly.  Mostly, they know that their entire family will eventually die unless they literally make some new members.  These parents are usually pretty good to their kids, simply because they can’t have kids who hate them and then expect them to pay for a top-notch nursing home.

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