3rd Rock from the Sun

Since Lemon’s been around, The Wife and I do a lot of traveling. Not Traveling – with a capital “T” – that would imply that we go to interesting places. No, traveling entails walking around various local sites. Places like The Park (ooh!) and The Bike Trail (ahh!) and the Mall (ohh!). We also go to The In-Law’s quite a bit.

We went there last week to surprise them and found – to our surprise – that retired people have better things to do than sit around waiting for their grandchild to visit. Since Lemon was hungry, The Wife took her aside to feed her. While they were busy, I took a look at the In-Laws’ DVD gift collection. Most of it consisted of movies they never got around to seeing in the theater, but people said they should’ve. Among them: 3rd Rock from the Sun.

I never thought of it when it was on, but the premise makes it the best show to write for in the history of television. You can talk about any subject and make any subject as big or as small as you want. You could have racism and sexism and drug use and sexuality and all that other crap they don’t allow on television anymore all under a guise of “aliens don’t get it, so we have to explain it to them”. You could also be huge and cartoonish without people being taken out of the moment.

Now that I think about it, I should’ve loved that show (I thought it good enough to watch when the TV happened to be on, but I never made time for it in my busy high school life of riding in cars and going to football games in the freezing cold). The best moments in my favorite comedies are cartoonish. Insane situations and insane reactions connect my favorite George Costanza moments and Bill McNeal moments and Tracy Jordan moments. The only reactions on 3rd Rock are cartoonish.

I may have to sneak into their house and see what other seasons they have.


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