Indy-Vidual Books

Everything is fixed on the books and I’m ready to sell them.  But my printer isn’t.  Apparently, they have rules about this sort of thing.

Someday, when the gods see fit, you too can hold these in your hands. But not now.

See, they don’t do proofs.  My old printer – the one I used for “l(a” gave a free set of proofs with purchase (meaning if you saw your crappy product and didn’t buy any, the printer would charge you about $100 for printing one copy).  However, they also charged an arm and a leg for any prepress work that they do (to give you an example, I forgot to put the barcode on the “l(a” trade and asked them to do it for me.  It cost almost $150).  This is why I’m using my current printer; they have no pre-press department.

Since no one does any prepress work here, I figured I’d print out the comics, buy one set, correct any changes on my own, and then use that set for the “final drafts.”  They said I couldn’t do that.  Although this isn’t technically prepress work, they consider it as such and would have to charge for any changes made.  Even though I made all the changes.  And put them in the correct spot.  And sent the file using the complicated FTP protocol that they use.

I suppose I understand that – since no one in the company does prepress work – they don’t want people exploiting ordering one copy here and one copy there until they get it right.  I imagine deleting the old files and using the new files whenever a finicky artist decides to use an eggshell background instead of a bone-colored background on page 8 of their 14-page epic about Hamlet being a vampire can get tiresome and a bit costly (time-wise).  But do I really need to be charged $100 for the pleasure of doing all the work, especially when I only used the initial copies as proofs?  Couldn’t they just charge me a restocking fee or something?

So instead of a “final draft”, the individual issues have minuscule mistakes (borders are too big, I forgot a comma on one page, etc.) while the trade does not.

Also, their system has been hacked and they haven’t really been running at 100% for a while now.  Maybe they just need some money to pay the IT guy.  You know how they are.


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