New Dad Lemonade

I – and about six other guys I know – received our first child this year. If you talk to them, it’s a life-changing experience.

If you talk to me, it’s a life-changing experience too. But I don’t think it’s for the same reasons.

Actual lines from my new father friends: “It’s amazing. I just sit and stare.” “It’s such a beautiful experience.” “We should thank god for this joyous gift.” “I’m so tired I can’t even see straight, but it’s so worth it.” To me, none of these explanations constitute “life-changing.” I sit and stare at a lot of things because I’m a curious dude (seriously, sit and stare at your spouse). Every time I have a peanut butter sandwich, I would describe it as joyous (it makes me full of joy that I‘m making a lunch so tasty and for just 28 cents). I thank god (or whoever) for many joyous gifts daily (like my ability to write). I’m tired most days (because I can’t sleep), and to me it’s very worth it because I don’t spend a third of my life asleep.

No, I think the thing that changed my life is constantly dealing with a string of altering moods. The Wife is a rock, she’s the same today as she was the day I met her. I’m talking about Lemon. Her moods change by the second and I have to be able to deal with each and every one of those.

The following are pictures taken within a three-minute time-frame:


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  1. I thought you said you wouldn’t be doing any daddy bullshit.

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