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SPACE Prize 2010

All I have to do now is become officially nominated and then win.

Just want to let you know that “left” is in the running for the 2010 SPACE Prize.  Go to the SPACE website to see for yourself (LOTS of intense competition this year).

Let’s just hope we don’t get a lot of comments on this site that call judges “talentless” this year.


6 Responses

  1. Yeah, THAT’s what your fucking problem was. Max Ink took a break from masturbating over pictures of his fucking beard so that he could peruse your website, saw that a user made negative remarks about you, and then took it out on your book.

    BULLSHIT. Max Ink never takes a break from masturbating to his beard. You lost because the SPACE Price is a sorry sham, meant to highlight the most conventionally appealing comic submitted. SPACE doesn’t exactly have the prestige to make and break careers; SPACE is still seeking legitimacy outside the small group of indie comics creators that show up and buy each other’s shit. So, the SPACE Prize winner needs to be something that a bunch of people will buy and not feel too bad about having bought. Not some weird stick figure shit.

    Fuck Max Ink, fuck that fucking talentless sack of shit.

    Actually, I have no clue what role he played in the judging. Maybe he was a big supporter of yours. Who knows? I’m just tired of him trying to sell me his shitty comics every time I walk by him at SPACE. You’re not Alex Robinson, Max Ink. Alex Robinson shits out better comics than Blink.

    Yes, he literally shits out fucking comics.

  2. No, my comments about Max Ink were not your problem. You lost fair and square, but the nature of the SPACE Prize is that the judges aren’t going to stray too far from what has potential mass appeal. Really, even the Day Prize seemed woefully misdirected in the same way. Every Day/SPACE Prize winner I’ve bought has been clearly bested by a runner-up.

    Tooting your own horn isn’t attractive, but I’ll call a spade a spade for you: l(a is not in the same league as The Dreamer. The Dreamer is traditional teenage bullshit, drawn in the style of conventional comics: well done, but unremarkable, bearing no characteristics unique to creator.

    “No, no, it’s so much more.”

    Fuck you, no it isn’t. But it looks pretty, and is easier to pitch than Tiny Life. Ta da, here’s your award.

    I’m pretty flippant on here about this stuff, for some reason, but I mean what I’m saying there. No one who has read the two really thinks The Dreamer is better. It’s just easier.

  3. I’m going to pretend that your comments were the problem. For some reason, right before the comics were judged for the SPACE Prize, I had a huge spike in my page views. I pretend it was Mr.Ink reading all of your comments and voting against me instead of the voting board making a sound business decision.

    I imagine the reason the Day/SPACE prizes are given out to more mainstream comics is that they’re alternatively trying to advertise the convention. I would think someone who goes to dozens of conventions every year, has a webcomic presence, and has a comic with a traditional art theme is going to sell more copies than someone who attends one convention, has a few loyal followers on a blog, and has a comic with an alternative look. It’s simply good business to give the award to someone who’ll advertise “SPACE Prize winner” and sell 1000 copies than someone else who advertises the same thing and sells 300.

  4. Left is a finalist. congrats and good luck!!!

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