Worlds Shift

It’s been a weird summer.

Both The Wife and I had the entire summer off in anticipation of the work of Lemon.  Essentially, we went to bed when we felt like it, we got up when we felt like it, we ate when we felt like it, and we traveled when we felt like it (all the while, of course, responding to a baby that cries over anything).  There were a couple weeks where we just sat around the house watching Lemon try and figure things out and there were a couple weeks where we spent every waking moment trying to get something accomplished (mostly letting The Grandparents play with their grandchild).  But tomorrow it’s over.

Tomorrow, we both go back to work.  To tell you the truth, I’m a little scared.  I almost feel like I’m going from my tiny high school of 800 students to my gigantic college of 45,000.  While thinking about that, I suddenly remembered what the initial intent of Tiny Life was: to tell the story of going from something small – a little family or small town – to something much bigger with the same essential dynamics.  The entire series plays out like this: Jed lives in a tiny town with a few friends and family.  One day he is thrust into something much bigger.  Once he gets a taste of both, he has to choose which one suits him better.  After living these last three months alone in the woods with The Wife and Lemon, I’m thinking maybe he’ll choose the smaller, tinier life (which means I’ll have to rewrite another book).

Right now all I can think about is maybe redoing the master bathroom, mowing the lawn, taking care of Lemon since The Wife is a little sick, and making a good dinner for us when the day is about over.  Tomorrow I’ll be thinking about coworkers and my office and the commute and day care.  It’s weird to think that today I’m in my own little world and tomorrow I’ll be in everyone else’s.


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