Just keeping you up-to-date cuz I’m sick of writing this to emailing fans:

I’m not sure when “left” will officially be published.  Preview copies were available at SPACE for $10 (and I can probably make them available here for $15), but the 100% absolute official book isn’t ready yet.  As a matter of fact, Sliver ltd. is at a standstill right now.

Holnagel, the guy who colored the pages of “left”, just moved and his computer is currently out of commission, so I can’t quite get the cover finished.

Colacitti is currently finishing two other projects so he’s getting about a page a week done on “Jed Jr.”. the next book.

My printer doesn’t want to print any individual comics from “left” until I pay them a pre-press fee, which I don’t think I owe them.

So, for now, we’re stuck.

Normally I do an “every-other-day” model where I talk about the book for a day, then write a random post about whatever’s on my mind.  It looks like I’ll be changing to a “talk about anything but the book” model for a little while.


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