My vs. Face

Since I have an iPhone, I’ll sometimes go to those websites that talk about the pros and cons of jailbreaking the phone or those tech sites about what cool new apps to get.  And on the bottom of the page, the comments always seem to turn to Apple vs. PC.  Each camp hates the other side (frankly, I think they’re a vocal minority.  I think most people have their preferences and live with their choices.  I don’t think very many people in the Apple camp wish people in the PC camp harm).  And that got me thinking…

What happened to MySpace? I had friends who were really into it for a while, but eventually they all moved over to Facebook.  Why is that?  Did they simply get older?  Is MySpace for teens and college-age while Facebook is for adults?

I think I might have a Tiny Life MySpace page out there somewhere that I never logged on to because it was simply too complicated.  There were too many choices.  I could use certain CSS programs – but not all of them – and I could use certain HTML protocols – but not all of them – to design my MySpace page, and yet I never really did. Why?  I never got into MySpace because MySpace left too much open.  They gave us too many options and therefore, it was cumbersome to use.  I didn’t want to spend hours learning how to use their menu system and then hours learning how to make it more me-friendly.  I want to use something that works as it was intended.

Most people do too.  Which is why they traded MySpace for Facebook.  It’s also why they’ll trade PCs for Macs.  I’m sure there’ll always be the stubborn few who say either “I’ve spend hours learning their complicated file system and I’m not about to change now” or “I’ve spent hours making this PC more me-friendly and I’m not about to change now” but I think the majority of us just want something that works the way it’s supposed to.

Facebook simply works.  I want to tell everyone about pooping in spotlighted toilets quickly and easily; I don’t need to be able to change the background from powder blue to bathroom-tile white for a larf.  I don’t need to change the font from Verdana to Garamond and I don’t need the computer to load the entire three minutes of “Bathroom Song” before previewing the page.

Macs are the same way.  I don’t need them to change files from divx to dvd, I don’t need to make a different pointer for my mouse, and I don’t need to have system files in a dozen different folders.  I need to be able to click on one icon and look at spotlighted toilets.


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