If I Ever Lose My Faith in (iTunes) U

The original source bar.

This is the new side bar. In addition to all of these options, I have the option to turn some of them off.

I’m afraid I might be losing my faith in Apple.

I’ve said this quite a few times: I like Apple products because they simply work.  There isn’t an over-abundance of useless options when you buy their stuff.  If you buy an iMac, you have three choices of size.  That’s it.  They don’t have an option to turn your mouse pointer a different color or have a trail that follows it or to somehow turn it into a dancing dog whenever you click something; it’s a little white arrow.  It does what it’s supposed to do.  It seems like they’ve been straying away form that lately.

The new version of iTunes is starting to have too many options.  When I started using iTunes, the “sidebar” was called the “source bar” because that’s what it was for.  If you were listening to music, it would tell you where that music was coming from: from your hard disk, from a CD, from an internet site, or from a playlist that you made.  Those were your choices and it was simple.  It worked.

Now that it’s a “sidebar”, it’s too full of choices.  I have music, movies, TV shows, iTunes U, radio, books, apps, ringtones, rentals, iTunes store, Ping, purchased on the computer, purcharsed on my phone, genius playlist, genius mixes, iTunes DJ, smart playlists, my playlists, and voice memos.  But that’s not all.

In the older versions of iTunes, the only buttons you’d see were the typical CD-player-type buttons: play/pause, forward, backward, volume, shuffle, etc. Now I have all that, plus an artwork button, four different ways to view my music selections, forty different ways to sort my music, a search bar, a genius bar, a genius button, and a button to listen to my music on multiple speakers.


Lately my mom has been wanting to simplify her life by getting rid of a lot of stuff.  She’s from a particular generation where she has music on vinyl, 8-track, cassette, CD, and on her PC.  She wants it all in one place so I got her an iPod.  I’ve been trying to teach her iTunes, but the number of selections is just too much.  It’s not plug-n-play anymore.  It’s getting to be more like Microsoft: plug it in in 10 seconds, figure it out over the course of several months, enjoy.

I guess I won’t start freaking out until they make a “skin” option.


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