Weezer’s Hurley

Yes. This is the actual cover art.

To all fans and former fans of Weezer: shut the hell up and enjoy it.

Take a look at any music store online and take a look at any review of Weezer.  Each and every thread contains at least one guy who wants another Blue Album or another Pinkerton.  To them I say, “No you don’t.  You’re confusing your taste in music with how music makes you feel.”

When Pinkerton came out, everyone hated it.  Every review said that it was good, but not that good.  Every review said that another 90s indy band had succumbed to the sophomore curse.  No one like it for a good five years when the rest of music caught up to what Weezer was doing.  Why?  Because they’re ahead of their time and their music is progressive.

As a matter of fact, that progressive sound is why you liked the Blue Album.  There wasn’t a lot like it out there at the time and within five years, everyone was copying that ideal of simple lyrics with simple catches.  Ironically, the simple stuff was the reason you didn’t initially like Pinkerton.

“But this one doesn’t sound like My Weezer”.  Save it.  There isn’t a “My Weezer”.  It’s not like Weezer was touring for years and years scraping enough just to get by when they finally hit the big time through some immaculate stroke of luck.  They sold 3 million copies right out of the gate.

What you want is not “My Weezer” back.  What you want is your life to be as it was when you first heard Blue Album.  You want to be a teenager again, trying to get laid even though you didn’t know how to enjoy it and trying to get drunk even though you didn’t know how to handle it.  You want to be sitting in a beanbag in your tiny room hiding from parents who just don’t understand you listening to this new thing called a “compact disc”.  You want Weezer to be simpler so you can be simpler.

Personally, I like this Weezer that does whatever the hell they want.  They rap, they trade instruments, they incorporate all sorts of various themes and sounds; they even do covers (I never liked Coldplay until I heard Weezer’s version of “Viva la Vida”).  When they’re promoting an album, they do all the usual stuff like go on the talk shows and attend festivals, but they also do impromptu sporting events and ridiculous sponsored-concerts and hootenannies.

They are still five years ahead of everyone. Mark my words; it’s not going to be long before Lady Gaga (or the “artist” de jour) starts hosting web-only concerts and hootenannies and is sponsored by something ridiculous like “Michigan Dried Cherries: Don’t Call ‘em Raisins!”

So, again, my advice is to just enjoy it.  Sure, there’re a couple of stinkers on Hurley.  But for the most part, you have songs like “All My Friends are Insects” and “Hang On” and “Ruling Me” and “Unspoken”.  Find me another album in the last six months that has as many listenable songs.

I’ll go one step further: find me another band with the number of listenable songs released in the last three years as Weezer has with the Red Album, Raditude, and Hurley.


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  1. I heard the extended version is awsome

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