eBook Update

If you’re a fringe follower of my twittings, you’ll see that the majority of the last month or so has been about trying to get Tiny Life into ebook format.  It’s been a lot harder than it sounds.

I tried using just a pdf format, but that limits where you can put the file and who can read it (for instance, most smartphones can read it, but machines built for reading ebooks – like the Kindle and Nook – are only able to visit their parent website, so me coding a file for that particular brand is useless unless I get it into the Amazon or B&N bookstores).  I tried making it an epub format, but then you aren’t able to read it on an iPad or a computer without using special applications.  Since most people who read comics on tablets actually use special applications, I’m limited to those particular companies, and each of them have their own set of specifications.

And then I came across Smashwords.  It’s a website not unlike Lulu or Ka-Blam that uses an automated process to turn plain text into ebooks.  They’ve recently added the ability to add pictures as well.  Since a comic is simply twenty full-page pictures in a row, I figured I’d check them out.  It works not unlike a charm.  I still have to mess around with the size of the pages (including dimensions and clarity), but it looks like a winner.

They’re also an Apple partner aggregator, which means I can use this company to get into the book section of iTunes.  But I have to apply for some sort of special security code or something.

Right now “left” #1 is on sale at Smashwords for $0.99 in about a dozen different formats.  I’m hoping I’ll find the time to apply to their Special Program and get Tiny Life into online bookstores that aren’t on the fringes of the internet.


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