“left” Cover Complete!

Yes, it’s done, but I have to figure out which one is the best.

The original is pretty good.  I think I ended up highlighting who the two main people are pretty well.

click to enlarge

 Then I got the color.  It’s awesome color, but you can’t quite tell who you’re supposed to be looking at:

click to enlarge

And then I thought maybe taking Jed out of the coloring scheme woould work to highlight him – sort of a negative space type of thing:

click to enlarge

And then I thought Jared was sort of out of the picture, so I uncolored him:

click to enlarge

But now it looks like the red people are almost real and the black and white people are almost fake.  So I dunno.

I suppose I could have some sort of survey or contest where you vote for your favorite cover.   But since I usually get about 2 comments per post (max) that might not be the best idea.

Maybe I’ll leave it up to Lemon.  I’ll print out all four covers, and whatever one she doesn’t pee all over makes the cut.


2 Responses

  1. #4 is the best looking. It’s the one that you would hang on your wall. But it’s a little severe. It hits you over the head and flat out dares you to misapprehend which two characters on the cover matter.

    #1 is my vote in the non-poll.

    Frankly, though, I prefer the cover on the preliminary copy I bought at SPACE. The covers here suggest a focus on the confrontation between Jed and Jared that just isn’t there in Left. I have a feeling the present cover design will be more appropriate for a later volume.

    Maybe you’re looking for something better to move books off shelves than a stick figure sitting on a roof, but that image fit the volume nicely in my estimation.

    • I liked that SPACE cover too (even though I simply drew it while waiting for Colacitti’s first shipment of pages). But I’m not sure having two books that highlight Jed sitting by himself is the best idea for moving merchandise.
      Plus, I thought the color would add a little something – maybe turn a few heads – at SPACE next year.
      I agree with you, (and so does the colorist) #1 looks the best. It especially looks good when I put the logo and everything on it; it looks almost 3-D for some reason.

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