Tiny Life is on Kindle!

The mission has been successful.

Tiny Life: left #1 (the first 20 pages of the novel) is available on Kindle for the lowlow price of 99 cents (it costs $2.75 otherwise.  Not because I’m greedy, but because paper is so damned expensive.

Don’t order it quite yet, though.  I think I’m going to make another version of it for mobile devices.

This comic is the size of a hand-model's palm.

See, right now Amazon has Kindle for the PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Palm.  However, only three of those screens – the PC, Mac, and iPad – are big enough to actually see anything.  You can zoom in and flip it on its side and everything, but with any of the mobile phones, the biggest you have is a 3” screen.  One of the joys of both reading and creating a comic is to see it in both the overall view (panel selection and pacing) and the individualized view (words and pictures).  On a tiny li’l phone, you’re missing about half the comic experience, and the other half – since you have to zoom and scroll – is a pain in the ass.

"left" #1 is available on all of these different machines. This is also approximately how many I will sell.

So I think I might make a “cell phone version” or a “mobile version” or something where each screen is one or two panels.  It fixes the problem of “I can’t stand reading comics on a li’l cell phone because I have to zoom in and out all the time” but it doesn’t fix the “I can’t stand reading comics on a li’l cell phone because I can’t appreciate it as a comic” problem.

Although, come to think of it, these phones might be the exact right size for mini-comics.


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