Tiny Life: “left” #2 and 3 Now Available on Kindle!


Click here to download



Click here to download


Both “left” #2 and #3 are available on the Amazon Kindle.

I have yet to physically see it, but I imagine, since I made it, looks very nice.

Issue 2: While pretending to be a robot (he is, after all, only eleven), Jed overhears his father accepting Penny’s offer to move in with them.  He reacts the way a young boy should: he pulls a prank.  The events following this prank haunt Jed for the rest of his life and set the stage for the remainder of “left”.

Issue 3: After discovering that he’s alone, Jed does what anyone would: he finds comfort in his friends.  Some of this comfort is unfounded (Dave and Ducky) and some of it is short-lived (Fred and Sis).  Along the way Jed unlocks something terrible, both in himself and in a seemingly harmless failed speechwriter by the name of Jared Richards.


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