Tiny Life: “l(a” #2-3 Available on Kindle!

Issue 2: The second issue of “l(a” starts with a flashback. A few months ago, after Jed’s true love left with her boyfriend, after his actual girlfriend went crazy and was institutionalized, and after his friends left for college, Jed is a little distraught; he’s lonely and can’t see a way out. He asks Roy for advice, and Roy tells him to “focus on the details,” which the cryptic narrator seems to agree with. Back in the present, Jed is helping Mona, the weird old woman, look through boxes to find where Dave may have moved to. Through their conversations, Jed learns that Mona was a friend to his late father. This scares him, so he leaves to find his first home.

Issue 3: After failing to find what he was looking for, Jed walks to his childhood home: a dilapidated suburban house where no one has lived since his family abandoned it years ago. While looking through the closets, Jed finds correspondence between his mother and father. Two secrets about Jed Sr. are revealed that will reverberate throughout the entire series.


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