A Sudden and Terrible Realization

Have you ever had one of those moments where your entire lifeview suddenly shifts?  It’s one of those moments where you’re so sure of something, and then that something turns out to be untrue.  It’s something you’ve based your entire life on, it’s possibly how you define yourself, and yet you’ve found out that this something doesn’t even exist.  Like a priest suddenly realizing there is no god or a runner losing his legs.

Last night I was trying to find something to watch while I ate dinner (since I have no cable and no high-speed internet, I – unlike you – can’t just turn the TV to anything I’ve ever wanted to watch ever) so I went to my basement to select a DVD to entertain me while I stuffed my face with broccoli and potatoes.

As I perused the selection, I became aware of a horrific truth.  One that will haunt me for years and will probably upset the balance of who I consider Nick Jones to be:

I think you should buy this for me.

I don’t have season 8 of Seinfeld.

There.  I said it.

Frankly, I don’t know how Tiny Life (or I) will survive, given this new revelation.


One Response

  1. […] floor, I literally ran into a display of TV-DVD overstock for like $5 a season. Among them was my recently-discovered-missing Seinfeld Season 8 set. I asked The Wife to get it for me as a stocking stuffer and she said she would as long as I […]

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