“left” #2 and #3 (smart phone edition)

The top is the regular edition; the bottom is the "smart phone edition".

Order either issue here

left” #2 and #3 (smart phone edition) are now available at the store for the lowlow price of $.99.

Why so low?  Because it costs me almost nothing.

What’s the difference between the regular download and the smart phone edition at the same price?  Since you asked, the regular edition shows the entire page.  If you have an iPad or something similar, it’s not a problem, since the screen is the approximate size of an actual hold-in-your-hand comic.  But, if you’re like me, and only have a fancypants phone, then the entire page works out to be around three inches tall.  So, what I’m doing for “left” (and maybe “l(a” if the sales are alright) is putting it in a three-inch-tall edition; that is, I’m cutting up the book one or two panels at a time so everything is easy to read.

Will I stop beginning every paragraph with a question?  Yes.

Starting now.


2 Responses

  1. i donwloaded it last night. it looks pretty good. some of the panels are wayy too small on the phone.

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