Odds Against

I generally don’t like card games because I know numbers. I know that odds of something exciting happening and it’s pretty slim. I also know that in most card games you are rewarded more for the things that are least likely to happen. For instance, no one can beat a royal flush because the odds of that are about 4 in 2.6 million. However, everyone can beat one pair because there’s about a 50/50 chance of that happening (about 1.3 million combinations out of 2.6 million possibilities).

Not all games are like that, though. Take Solitaire.

It’s not impossible to win at Solitaire. As a matter of fact, you probably have a good 15% shot of winning any given game if you play by Hoyle. But, what are the odds of receiving a setup where there are no moves possible? That’s got to be worth something too. I imagine the odds against receiving a stalemate game in Solitaire is much greater than the odds against winning a game of Solitaire; therefore, you should be rewarded accordingly.

My impossible hand:



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