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No School Again

My school district is closed today. That’s the second day in a row.

Frankly, I haven’t heard of schools being closed two days in a row since the 1950s. If you look at some of the oldold yearbooks or school newspapers, you’ll see pictures of “annual floods” or “annual blizzards” because they just didn’t have the infrastructure then to deal with it. It says “annual” right in the title; they know it’s coming. It’s just that money, at the time, was being spent in other, more important areas. Things like communists and nuclear war were on more peoples’ minds than “Great. Now I gotta find a babysitter for Tuesday too.”

But now, in 2010, our infrastructure is built. We don’t need any more roads or bomb shelters or schools or telephone lines; what we have is enough. We now need to maintain and improve what we have. We could use a better power grid. We could use some repair on our bridges. It’d be nice to have a wider internet network (living where I do, the only available option is dial-up, which is awesome come publication time and I have to send 120 high-resolution files to the printer; it’s literally faster to ship it via USPS).

My road almost 36t hours after the snowstorm.

The reason school is closed for the second day in a row is because my county wisely stopped paying the road commission overtime. They plow from dawn to dusk. They did this in order to save money so that they could pay for more important things.

To maintain schools? Repair roads? Provide public transportation? No; they’ve done nothing to maintain or improve the current infrastructure. They used the money (my taxes: $3000 in property taxes per year where police don’t come, fire departments don’t come, the roads aren’t repaired, and there is no internet) to create levels of bureaucracy – more infrastructure. They used the money to create committees about committees where they oversee something that is already overseen. They did it to keep their full-time jobs.

In 2010, why do we need a full-time legislature on any level? Like I said, everything that governments create is pretty much done. We could use people once in a while – maybe every other Tuesday – to check in and see if everything is still running smoothly; we could use people to check and see if the bridges need to be repaired or if the schools are in disarray or if there’s any new technology that we might need to consider creating laws around (GPS blockers, for instance), but that’s really it. We need lawmakers to make laws when laws need to be made. We don’t need someone (or an entire group of people, which is usually the case) working 40 hours a week creating a law that simply makes it more inconvenient when you get cancer.

Basically what I’m saying here is that conservatives – people who want to bring society back to the glorious 50s – have their wish. Monetarily, we’re back to when black and white people couldn’t use the same bathroom. Except this time it’s not because we’re rebuilding after a great depression and great war, it’s because we’re retarded.


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  1. The accepted term is “developmentally disabled.”

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