2010 SPACE Prize Finalist!

I’m nominated again!

Well, I’m not. My book is. They don’t have “Sexiest Comic Creator” awards at SPACE. At least not this year.

Although maybe they should. We could get some more woman in there. Or at least some guys who could fool us.

All exhibitors are welcome to vote.

Scratch that. All exhibitors are welcome to vote for me.

Please email Mr. Corby and let him know that Tiny Life: left was by far the best comic available at the 2010 SPACE (even though Radio Free Gahanna and Mirror Mind were on either side of me – no offence guys!). If the sheer quality of the book won’t convince you to do so, then please accept a bribe.


5 Responses

  1. I haven’t read most of those. Mirror Mind is good stuff; Lackluster World is garbage.

    Maybe you’ll get judges that aren’t douche-bag hacks this year.

  2. I read Mirror Mind. Although the author is a super-nice lady, I didn’t find it all that facinating.

    After REALLY reading Box Office Poison and after reading a bunch of Ink’s minis, I’m wondering how you draw the comparison?

  3. Purely superficially. Ink admits his (visual) stylistic debt to Alex Robinson; I concede that the content is not comparable. Box Office Poison is good.

  4. I should say, in a rare moment of honesty regarding Max Ink, that I haven’t read more than a couple of mini comics, which I found not so much offensively bad as just too mediocre to merit any further investigation.

  5. Weird. I found the artistic style of BOP to be a little off-putting. What I mean is, Robinson seems to know how to draw well, he just chooses not to in a lot of instances throughout the course of that book.

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