Google Crabs

I have a Foodie Friend.  He’s not fat or anything, he just loves food.  Every kind of food.  He’s not a food snob – someone who only eats at certain restaurants or who won’t come to a barbecue – he’s an eater of food.  All food types, shapes, colors, and textures. 

Sometimes he likes to pretend he owns a restaurant (sort of like how I pretend to receive an Eisner Award even though a total of 14 people have read Tiny Life) and sometimes he likes to names these pretend eateries.  His newest one was called “I Got Crabs.” 

While searching for a possible t-shirt idea for his imaginary place of business, he looked up “I Got Crabs” in Google.  Check out what came out of the automatic suggestion box:

Apparently, contracting crabs from Meijer (the best store in the world!) is a common occurence.


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