Hard Drivin Man

We had a bit of a crisis here at Sliver ltd. last week.

See, I do a lot of stuff on the computer when it comes to the art of the book. If I was smart (and more talented) I would do the entire thing on the computer and save myself some shipping costs (write it all on MS Word, email it to Colacitti, have him draw it on Illustrator, have him email that to me, I can ink it on Photoshop, and then ftp it to the printers for publication). For whatever reason, though, I do most of it the old-fashioned way. All pen and paper.

This is how much room I need for about 200 pages of paper.

Most of the printers I talk to will only take digital images. This means that as time goes on, I figure out faster and more efficient ways of making my little book. On of the first things I figured out was to store my files digitally instead of finding a storage place for all of my manual pages. This way, when I get to around page 1000, I won’t have to fill two legal-sized filing cabinets full of art. I’ll only have to find room for a hard drive the size of a manga book.

So here’s my process: I put all current files on my computer’s hard drive. After each chapter is completed, I back it up onto the external drive. Once the book is completed, I take everything off my computer’s hard drive and start the next book. However, like an idiot, I never made back-ups for my back-up hard drive (I’m an idiot because once I was done with “l(a” and “left”, I no longer had any other files lying around). So when I finally thought about this – three years in – I figured I’d just make some DVD backups of everything.

This was here that my external hard drive crashed.

It’s not a huge deal. I still have all of the master files (i.e. the actual pages) so if I ever needed to redo anything or to remake anything, I could still do it. It would just take me about 80 more hours than if my hard drive hadn’t crashed.

I wouldn’t’ve minded so much except that I’m still shopping around for a reliable printer (at least for a larger print-run) of “left”. And I just redid the cover. And rewrote the introduction. And redrew four pages that I thought needed some work.

So I’m screwed.

I looked online to figure out how I might get some of the files off of the hard drive to finish printing “left” but nothing was helpful. As a matter of fact, most things scared the hell outta me. I found a lot of message boards asking the same question I was asking and getting a response of “You might as well give up. If you take it to a computer place, it’ll be like $500. If you try and buy software yourself it’ll be about the same.” Since I already invested the $500 I made on Tiny Life last year, I was looking at pausing “Jed Jr.” for about six weeks until I was caught up with “left” again.

After researching and getting no where, I decided to take it to the computer place here in town (by “town” I mean “meth hub” and by “here” I mean “about 30 minutes away”). They were nice enough to fix it for $40 and a naked picture from when I was a pre-teen.

I think I got off easy.


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