MSU Comics Forum

Not that I have a lot to compare it to – I’ve only been to handful of conventions in my entire life – but I think the MSU Comics Forum was surprisingly fun. Not like “fun” like you’d describe a weekend at a strip club; more like “fun” the way you’d describe a gathering of like-minded people who are better than you at something.

A good analogy would be this: parenthood is not fun. It’s better than fun. It’s not funner than fun.

The MSU Comics Forums was just like any other convention in a number of ways, but in a number of other ways, it was much better.

For one, every single exhibitor present had something amazing. Whether it was Cynical Man or Swallow Me Whole or Mouse Guard, there was talent oozing out of every corner.

For two, every single customer had something to bring. I can’t tell you the number of people who asked for the story of Tiny Life and really wanted to know. I also can’t tell you the number of books I sold. Because that would be bragging.

For three, I think I was the only one there who was new this year. And it showed. Everyone had a story to continue with the person they were talking to; I could tell just by looking who were friends, who were acquaintances, and who were professional contacts.

For four, I was a little bit jealous of everyone in the room. The guy to my right could draw infinite detail. The guy next to him could put an amazing number of faces on animals. The guy across from me has cornered the children’s market and the woman next to him somehow made manga interesting. There wasn’t a lot of room for a multi-layered stick-figure story. As a matter of fact, The Wife said that compared to this crowd, my meager table of ten comics, two trades, and a mini-comic don’t compare. She wants me to have lots more.

Finally, this was my first convention with a child at home. I had to leave early. Hopefully Jay will have me back.


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