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Age of Know-It-All

He's not senile, he just isn't listening.

I wonder at what age you stop listening to people all together.

There are times in your life where you feel like you know everything you need to know for any given situation. What I mean is, as a senior in high school, you feel like you’ve pretty much got everything figured out. You’ve been to pretty much every party and talked to pretty much every teacher and taken pretty much every class; you know how just about every situation will go. If you’ve been at a job for a few years (without a promotion) you pretty much know the lay of the land; that is, you know what gets raises, what gets people in trouble, and what makes people jealous.

Up until about seven months ago, I had Life at large pretty much figured out. I knew how much it cost for certain things I needed, I knew what I had to do in order to get that money, and I knew the trade-off for such a transaction (like how much time I’m willing to spend on something vs. how much money that something cost). I knew how my family worked, how The Wife worked, and how my relationships with all of them connected.

If I was in high school and you told me that I had to study a certain way for a certain test, I wouldn’t’ve listened. If I was sorting mail and you told me the difference between an ARS and an AARS, I wouldn’t’ve listened. If I was 30 and you told me what a spouse is likely to do if I didn’t buy flowers on Valentine’s Day, I wouldn’t’ve listened.

So, I’ll repeat the question: as life goes on and you figure more and more things out, at what point do you stop listening to anyone and everyone about anything and everything. At what point does life become so repetitive and boring that you think you know how to deal with every possible situation that you come across?

It seems that every time I talk to my mom she asks when “left” will be hitting stores. Each time I tell her as soon as I can figure out the printing problems; she hears “soon”. There’s a man I work with who consistently does a crappy job because “that’s how we used to do things”. When he’s talked to by his boss he’s told he has to change soon or he’s out; he hears “change, out”. When we went to the MSU Comics Forum this past weekend, we took Lemon to her grandparents’. She’s been sick, but not super-sick; she has a decongestant for bed time and for nothing else. We told them the she should take this medicine once a day and no more – and even then she shouldn‘t have any more than half a dropper full. When we picked her up after the surprisingly lucrative convention, they said, “The last time she had her medicine was 2:00. The bottle says every six hours, so she’ll need the dropper again soon.”

In the conversation we had with them they heard, “medicine, sick, dropper”.

Now that I think about it, I can’t wait; I don’t think this time can come soon enough. Listening to The Wife everyday is exhausting. Watching the news is frightening. Plus, I have no idea what to do with a seven-month-old girl.


2 Responses

  1. I honestly do not believe we ever reach the age of know-it-all. I continue to learn something new every day. I do know growing up, I had the notion that my parents were from an ancient time zone ! but as I reached adulthood, I realized how smart my parents really were. I wished several times that I had listened to them more often.

  2. All I heard was “feel, lay, bed, girl.”

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