Was I Right?

A few months back I said that today’s children – the grown-ups of the future – won’t tolerate ineffective anything. For instance: to them it doesn’t make any sense to have a record collection; they don’t understand anything about the liner notes and the artwork and the smell of the vinyl. They simply want their music. Preferably, they’d like it absolutely free and available any time. But if you make it hard for them to do either one, they’ll take the next best thing: a buck a pop and near-infinite storage on something the size of a quarter.

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I think my forecast is already coming true. A little while back the young people of Yemen decided that their government was no loner working and they revolted using the only tools they understand: the internet. The same thing is happening in Egypt. The younger generation sees that the current system is not working. They see something pretending to be democratic is actually highly dictatorial and they see that the only way to change it is to get rid of the guy. So they turned to Facebook and Twitter (or the Egyptian equivalent. I have no idea what that might be. Sphinxbook? King Tutter?) and started complaining that their government just ain’t workin no mo.

Just like they did with the iPhone 4 antennae.

Just like they did with the new look of Facebook.

Just like they did with paying for bags on airplanes.

Just like they did with health insurance.

The people of Egypt were told that they didn’t exactly have democracy, but they had the next best thing. “It’s almost just like democracy. You’ll have to work a little harder for it, but it’s just as good.” To add to my analogy, they were told having a stack of records – easily destroyed, difficult to store records – was just as good as having Pandora on a smartphone. The people of Egypt disagreed.

I’m hoping my prediction comes to fruition quicker than I anticipate. I can’t wait to see how we change education, social security, and liqueur in strip clubs.


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