When I was at the MSU Comics Forum a few weeks back, the Wife noticed all the people with various products on their tables.  I thought having two major novels along with 10 individual comics and a very large collection of unpublished work was a fairly impressive table.  Comparatively, The Wife disagreed.

She suggested I remake “The Ironically-Titled Super-Sized Tiny Life Mini-Comic Preview Comic” to give away and I create a portfolio so that people can see the work up close.  Because, as she says, “Sometimes the pictures just look better before you put them in the book.”

I agree.

She thought that maybe I should have a random collection or maybe have the first page of every chapter.  I said that maybe I should have the original drawing on one side of the book while the finished product could be on the other.

Here’s what I mean:

This way you can see I don't really change much from inks to publication.

You can also see that I sometimes change a LOT before publication.

You're also able to see how really good some of this stuff looks both before and after toning.

click any to enlarge

I’ll be at SPACE again this year (although not as an award winner.  Dangit) so stop by and see my gigantic portfolio.


2 Responses

  1. I know you didn’t like Mirrormind, but I did, and I’m glad to see it get some recognition. I didn’t buy Pat Lewis’s new book, but I’ve been burned by him too many times to bother.

    Dave Sim liked Pat Lewis too; but then, Dave Sim liked a lot of lousy stuff at SPACE.

  2. I didn’t read much of Mirror mind (just what I could in the few minutes of sitting next to the creator), but since it keeps getting these accolades, I might give it another shot (if Tory is there this year).

    The reason I didn’t read it is because it falls into the “poor me” category of autobiography that I can’t stand. Sometimes this section of autobiographical comics is a good thing (if you grew up in the barrio surrounded by gangs, drugs, and an alternate view of how America REALLY is, you might have a pretty good book there), but most of the time it’s self-involved drivel (“my parents got divorced” and “no one understood me in high school” are WAY-too-common themes in independent books). It’s just a way for me to sort through the massive amount of material at SPACE; I also won’t read manga, mini-comics from first-timers, or monster books (this encompasses all zombie, vampire, robot, and wannabe horror bullshit).

    One of the reasons I liked Blankets so much was because Thompson got around all that by having his isolation feel like a B-story while focusing more on his relationships. Showing relationships is always infinitely better than telling by narrator.

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