Wasting Light – New Foo

I think I’m going to be disappointed by the new Foo Fighters album set for an April release. I’ve heard two songs off of it and seen the cover art; none of it has been impressive.

Usually Foo has at least one kick-ass-never-gonna-forget song that they’ll always-and-forever play at every concert; this is usually their first single. “Monkey Wrench”, “The Pretender”, “Best of You”, and “All My Life” are all terrific examples of this. “Rope”  is not.

Dave Grohl's humble house. Very humble.

I heard that with this album they just had a good time (which explains the video for “White Limo“). I heard that they sat around Grohl’s house and played whenever they felt like it and stayed over whenever they felt like it and ate a bunch of bar-b-que. If you’re in the band (which Pat Smear is again; sweet!), that’s awesome. But if you’re a fan, you might not be getting the best the band can deliver.

Also, after the last few albums, it seems like the Foo tend to have pseudo-concept albums. One by One was an album about ending relationships; In Your Honor had a rock CD and an acoustic CD. For bands like Pink Floyd, bands that take years writing and recording, this can be life-altering. For a band like Foo, a band that loves the fans and loves the lifestyle, this can be tiresome.

The cover of the next Foo album? Or Steely Dan?

I’m afraid that the theme for this album is “We love the early 80s and late 70s. Don’t you?”

After looking at the cover art and listening to “Rope”, tell me I’m wrong.

Please. Please tell me.


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  1. […] About two months ago, after hearing a leak of two songs on the album, after watching their little “viral video” and after repeated listenings of “Rope”, I decided that the new Foo album may be their worst (which, to be fair, is at least an order of magnitude better than any other album by any other artist; it’s like saying “This rotten orange may be the worst in the bushel, but it’s much better than any of these turds I’ve found). I was right. […]

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