Podcast Slack

I’ve always said that if I ever did anything creative and possibly popular, that I would do it transparently. I would set everything up in such a way so that anyone who was a fan could see exactly what I was up to at all times.

That’s why I have a website.

That’s why I started blogging.

That’s why I joined Facebook.

That’s why I joined Twitter.

That’s why I have podcasts.

But, as the pressures of the creative process mount and as the pressures of daddyhood show their ugly faces, something’s going to have to give. It used to be I could spend an entire day making a dozen posts on the website and then spend the entire next day updating Facebook and Twitter and editing a podcast. It used to be I had five hours to kill every once in a while and I could kill those hours by doing a lot of the supplemental stuff that comes with Tiny Life. Stuff like email responses and calling comic shops. Stuff like contacting agents and ordering proofs from printers. Stuff like podcasts.

Considering I have about 60 minutes in any given day to work on Tiny Life, something has to give. I think, out of all the things that contribute to a fan’s appreciation of the book, the podcast might be the thing to go.

At its peak, my commentaries only had about 60 subscribers, so I don’t think I’m doing anyone a huge disservice.

When she's out of crying distance, I will record a podcast.

You know what, now that I think about it, I think what I might do is just do a commentary whenever I can spare the time. I used to do one after every chapter, which meant I would to one about every 6 weeks.  Now I’ll do one whenever I can spare about 90 minutes for recording and editing.

So, I guess I’ll do a podcast whenever The Wife takes Lemon out of state.


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