Reflections on SPACE Part 1

I got rid of more books this year at SPACE than I have any other convention I’ve ever been to.  And I made the least amount of money.  This year I decided to have a “free approach”; that is, I gave away a lot of stuff for free and sold very little.

I’m exploring a good way to advertise Tiny Life.  Over the past few months I’ve noticed there hasn’t been a whole lot of difference between how much I’m selling now and how much I was selling two years ago.

My original plan was to put out a bi-monthly book at cost as sort of an advertisement for the upcoming trade.  I would also do podcasts and blog posts and giveaways and posters and all sorts of stuff – all for free – in order to advertise for the trade.  Basically, everything I was doing was going to be free entertainment until the trade came out; then you had to pay.  But then Diamond changed their price structure and screwed that all up.

I still want to do all that stuff, but it’s difficult to do all that when no one knows what the hell I’m talking about until the trade comes out, and that generally doesn’t come out for a good 12-18 months after I start page one.

So I figured maybe I’d give some things away – some free trades, some free prints, some free comics – and see what happens.  This weekend?  Nothing happened.  Hopefully the online sales will start to rise a bit.


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