Reflections on SPACE Part 2

Walking away from SPACE this year, The Wife said she felt defeated.  She said, “We drove all this way, spent all this time and money and barely sold a thing.”  I tried to make her feel better by saying we gave away a bunch and that the reason the attendance at SPACE was so sparse this year was because C2E2 and Wizard World Toronto were happening at the same time, but it didn’t help much.  As a matter of fact, what she said never really crossed my mind until she said it out loud.  And then I started to feel bad.

Not because we didn’t sell much (like I said here, I gave away a LOT), and not because some of the people who said they were coming didn’t.  I felt bad because I didn’t feel bad; I feel bad because I don’t care how much I sell.

Blue Beetle: he's badasssssssss...

Isn’t that why people make comics?  So they can get better at it and work for Marvel?  Or to get rich by taking something someone already made, but make it “different”?  Or at least to see their books in stores?  That’s what I understand from talking to a hundred different artists over the years (no one comes right out and says, “I plan on making my lil comics about rhinos in space until DC comes a calling.  After a few months there working on Blue Beetle, I’ll be on my way to the big time.”  They all tell tales of people they know and end the story with, “…And no he’s at Marvel”).  But I don’t.

Sometimes I lose track of that with all the things I’m trying to accomplish.  What I’m trying to do is simply get a story out of my head that’s been in there since the first day I met The Wife.  If that ends up costing me like ten grand over the course of a decade, then so be it.

So why then go to conventions?

Good question…


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