16-20 is the New 17-27

Here’s how I usually do a book:

I write the script (over and over again) and then send it to Colacitti with notes.  He does sketches and it comes back to me.  I then ink what he does, and when I get about 10 pages or so done, I letter it.  When I letter it, I obviously refer back to the script so that everything goes where it should be.  Most of the time, Colacitti and I see eye to eye; this time we didn’t.

The first 15 pages of “Jed Jr.” was from five pages of script.  The next two pages of script, according to Colacitti’s pencils, took up the next 10 pages of “Jed Jr.”  As far as pacing goes, this is a disaster.

However, with the magic of computers, I am able to redo some of the panels so that they’ll not conflict with the script, they’ll speed up the inking process, and they’ll congeal with the pacing of “Jed Jr.” much faster than they would have otherwise.  If I was making Tiny Life in one of the independent comic booms, this would’ve been impossible; I would’ve been stuck with the pages that I have (or paid a huge pre-press price through one of the various printing outlets available at the time).

So this is what these pages used to look like:

click to enlarge

This is what they look like now:

click to enlarge

Much faster, ya?  It also fits conveniently into one 20-page comic.


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