Not from Here and Pissed

I went with The Wife to Florida in the beginning of April for our anniversary (even though our anniversary is in September and I didn’t really want to go to Florida) so that she could visit the Harry Potter World at Universal Studios.  Of course we went to a half-dozen other theme parks and of course we spent WAY more money than we had planned.

While we were walking around I noticed a large number of foreign families.  They weren’t just couples on honeymoon that a rich parent sent them on; these were large families with four kids, two parents, and a grandparent who all spoke languages so foreign that I couldn’t identify them.

After spending $250 getting into Universal and $400 getting into Disney – not to mention the shitty food at $15 a pop and the shitty souvenirs at $25 a pop – and after going on rides like Jaws (where a robotic shark slowly rises out of the water and the slowly goes back under), Oh Canada (a movie about the majesty of snow), and Captain EO (a 3D movie about the Michael Jackson saving the world through dance), I couldn’t help but wonder: how disappointed are these foreign families?

Inside Cinderellas Castle you can buy shirts that say where you bought that shirt: inside Cinderellas Castle!

Think about it: you spend tens of thousands of dollars in your currency, you ride a plane for 15 hours (and have to deal with the kids and gramma during that time), you arrive at a place where virtually no one speaks your language or English, you stay at a hotel that sure didn’t look like this on the internet, you’re exhausted (because of the time difference, you’re getting up and out the door at around 1 AM your time), and when you finally get to the park, you stand in line for 45 minutes to see Cinderella’s Castle – the world’s most expensive Disney store.

I guess, on the plus side, you get to go to Epcot’s World Showcase to see how Americans in the early 80’s viewed your country.

I think I now understand terrorism.


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