Universal is Gay

I’m not sure this counts as equality…

When The Wife and I were in Florida staring in amazement at Harry Potter world in Universal Studios, I noticed a little something about all the “shopkeeps” (they’re not “cashiers” in Harry Potter world.  In Superhero land they’re called “Protectors of Commerce” and in Dr. Suess land they’re called “Mandubi Floozies”).  They were all flamboyantly, outrageously, stereotypically homosexual.

This is actually a picture of my cashier after riding The Simpsons ride where the old Back to the Future ride was.

Since we spent so much time there, I thought maybe it was some sort of comment on the unwavering valor of the gays; these are the only types of people who can handle chubby American adolescents asking “So is this model of Nimbus better for snitching, quaffling, bludgering, or snogging?” and then laughing hysterically.

After we left there I stopped for a soft pretzel.  That cashier was flamboyantly, outrageously, stereotypically homosexual.  Later when we stopped at a candy shop, same thing.  Same thing for City Walk’s various shops and restaurants.

I’m not sure what kind of message this sends to America’s gay youth.  Is the message, “One day, because you are attracted to people with similar or identical genitalia, you will be limited to working as a clerk at an amusement park”? or is it “Because we accept you for who you are, you have the same odds of getting a shitty job you hate as everyone else”?


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