Percents are the Way of the Future

I think I figured out how to save the government.

We have tax rates based on our income and our property, right?  So basically, I am taxed a certain amount based on how much I own and how much I make.  Generally speaking, I make a little more each year and what I own is worth a little more each year.  This is true for virtually everyone.  So why are we suddenly at a crisis point where, as a country, we can’t pay our bills and we owe trillions of dollars to other nations?

What we need is to all sit down and figure out what the government should really do for us.  Police, firefighters, libraries, transportation, teachers, military, etc. are all given.  All we have to really do with this is discuss what else government should do.  Should they provide healthcare? NEA?  Farms subsidies? Public radio? Preschool? Parks? Prostitutes?  It doesn’t matter; if everyone gets together and decides that writers of stick-figure comics should be getting burritos on a weekly basis, who am I to argue?  These things should all be hashed out.

And once they are hashed out, they should be given a budget.

And once they are given a budget, that budget should ebb and flow with the rest of America.

What I mean is, if my house drops in value by 10% and I don’t get a raise at work – and this also happens to tens of millions of other people – then every facet of government that we’ve identified as essential would take a 10% budget cut.  When there are good times and I get a 5% raise every year and my house somehow doubles in value in just under a decade, then every facet of government has a bigger budget to deal with things.

That’s how percentages work.

But instead we argue over “needing” NPR vs. “needing” diabetes medication and the problem just gets worse.


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