There are lots of problems with bringing something as stupid as Thor to the big screen. His speech, the idea of the magical hammer, how Asgardians move to other worlds, his outfit, Loki’s outfit… there are dozens more. Even the things that make Thor a readable comic (which, don’t get me wrong: it’s not) – namely the idea that he’s a god with infinite strength and his arch-nemesis is a guy who’s really good at manipulation through words – makes for a bad movie.

They fixed just about everything that was stupid about the comic. The only problem was (just like most other special effects movies) was that, by the end – when we think the main dude dies or we should be wanting the girl to kiss him – we don’t care.

When Thor almost died, I thought, “Oh. Well, end of the movie, I guess.” When Natalie Portman wanted to kiss him, I thought, “Oh. That’s not as awkward as when she kissed what’s-his-name in Star Wars.” What I should’ve been thinking, as an audience member to a movie that wants to be the beginning of a franchise, was, “Wow. About time those two got together. They had chemistry from the start. When they stayed up all night talking, I really got the feeling that they connected. Now I see I was right.”

Hopefully, for Marvel’s sake, they do a bettere job with Captain America and The Avengers. They can only ride the “But Iron Man was SO good…” coattails for so long.


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