New Room Distraction

For some reason, the guy who had the house before me really experimented with a lot of things. Some of them are good (vinyl covering of the drywall of the bathroom so that moisture doesn’t sink into the sheet rock), some of them are bad (steep incline and sharp curve on a gravel driveway). A lot of the time when I’m making “renovations” to the house, I’m actually just fixing his mistakes and/or bad choices. Case in point: Lemon’s new room.

This room has the worst of everything. Originally, there was vinyl covering over the drywall so that his kids (I imagine) could draw on the walls and he could just wash everything off. Also, there were stickers all over the place, which doesn’t rip vinyl as it would drywall. However, this makes the entire room look very plastic-y and makes it almost impossible to paint another color.

Speaking of walls, the original drywall was ¼ inch thick (it looks to me), which is half the standard. This means you can hear anything that happens anywhere in the house through those walls. Actually, it was only partially because of the thin walls; the other reason is that there was no insulation in that room.  That means there was a good 3-4 inches of air between the walls on the outside of the room and the walls on the inside of the room making it almost like an echo chamber.   No privacy, too cold in winter, too hot in summer. So the walls are gone.

He also had a deep purple carpet covering the entire floor. Why is that bad? Because nothing is purple. Anything you drop on that carpet – it could be white sandwich crumbs or black coffee – will appear glaringly; your eyes will be drawn directly do the site of the stain (bad for a baby’s room). So the carpet is gone.

Also, for some reason, he used 28” door frames. The basement bedroom doors are big enough for a hospital bed (48″), the first-floor bedroom doors are big enough for the IV poles. So the doors are gone.

He also used a “popcorn” treatment on the ceiling. That’s a bitch to remove, so I left it.

So, in between pages here and there, I’ve been redoing this atrocious room. I’m pretty close to done. It just needs some new flooring and trim and we should be done. Then I can concentrate on what I was put on this earth to do. Redoing the bathroom (more on that later.  Let me just say one thing: lack of a urinal).


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