I think we all know this person. Usually it’s a woman, but it can be a dude. It’s the person that constantly has those relationships that are destined to fail. The classic example is the woman who constantly dates abusers, but I think it’s more diverse than that. One of my friends consistently dates people much too young for him (he says it’s because “the younger they are, the hotter they are”, I say it’s because he wants to feel superior to them). Another one can’t be in a relationship for more than about six months (he always finds an excuse around the time she wants to meet his parents). If this is true of relationships – this idea where people are attracted to other people who are obviously bad for them – can it be true of other things?

Do all alcoholics have a common thread? Do Porn Watchers really have a demeaning outlook towards woman? Is a person who floats from job to job just looking for an excuse not to grow up?

Of course, if you’ve ever been part of any part of a psychology course, you’ll know that women who date abusers are attracted to abusers because of some personal dilemma; that is, women don’t date men who beat them because they had a string of bad luck, they date men who beat them because they’re working through issues with daddy. A person floats from job to job because they’re attracted to change; that is, a person doesn’t quit three jobs in three months because they ran into a string of bad bosses, they quit because they want that rush.

I only bring this up because I’m starting to think The Wife is like this with car accidents.

She’s had her car for three years. In that time, she’s gotten into four accidents (to put this in perspective, I had my Grand Am for 12 years and was in zero accidents). None of them were her fault. First there was a deer. Then there was the World’s Most Expensive Chicken Sandwich. Then there was another deer. Last week she got t-boned.

Obviously she didn't drive her car sideways into the Dude with No Insurance. But still...

So here’s what I’m wondering: if a woman can be attracted to men who abuse them, can a woman be attracted to situations that abuse their car? Obviously she didn’t purposely hit this other car – just like the woman who doesn’t think to herself, “This guy will punch me in the throat. I think I should move in with him” – but do you think that she put herself into a situation where another car was in the position to hit hers?

Once is an accident, two is coincidence. Anything beyond that could be considered a habit.


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  1. Actually both deer happened prior to the worlds most expensive chicken sandwich, but granted it is a bit sad when I come home at night and the first thing I say is “I didn’t get in any accidents today, aren’t you proud”

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