A Shoe/Dog Theory

I believe shoes and dogs are closely related.

When I was 20 I bought my first real pair of shoes.  Up until this point, my mom, having three kids to buy shoes for, always bought me the cheapest shoes she could find.  When I was 20 I had a real enough job (sorting mail) so I thought I might buy some real enough shoes.  The way I figured it, I was starting to run as a hobby and I should have some proper equipment.

I went to the Nike store and bought a pair of $80 running shoes.  Unlike the “Mountain Pass” brand shoes that were always given to me at the beginning of the school year, I protected my Nikes.  Even through high school I would walk through mud puddles or cow pastures or public restrooms at sports arenas and never look at the ground because I simply didn’t care what happened to my shoes; they were cheap and easy to replace.  They also lasted forever.  My Nikes, on the other hand, I protected.  I watched where I was running and put them back in the box when I was done with them.  I sprayed them with the recommended chemicals.  They lasted one summer.

I believe this is how dogs work too.

How much would you pay?

The only time I ever paid for a dog, he died within a year (poor Milo and his school bus tire fetish).  Every free (or cheap-as-free) dog I’ve ever had lasted a decade and never cost me more than an occasional heartworm pill.  My current free dog needs surgery.  Somehow he tore his ACL in his back legs.  The cost is between $550 and $1250 per leg to fix.

Either this is a sign from the Almighty that I should take selling Tiny Life a little more seriously or a sign that my shoe/dog theory is not as perfect as I thought.


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  1. Poor Seamus. What a face. 🙂

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