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A New Day Off

I have a day off during the week right now. I don’t mean like “I get to stay home with the kid” type of day off; I mean “No work, no wife, no kid” type of day off. I know it sounds super-selfish, but I’m very excited about it.

Since Lemon has been around, I’ve been struggling to find some time in the day to work on Tiny Life so that it doesn’t take an extra ten years (I’m shooting for completion in 2021 – I’m realistic). About six months ago, I figured out that I could stay at work for an extra 60-90 minutes per day and ink some pages, then pick her up from day care, then head on home. My work schedule’s changed; therefore, my inking schedule has as well.

This weighs more than my dog. And his knees are busted from being so fat.

This is my new "stereo". It weighs less than a CD and takes up as much space as my daughter's dookie.

So far I’ve had three of these days off. In those three days I’ve been able to ink nine pages, write four articles, and finish Lemon’s room (something I half-assed started in March). I was able to throw away my stereo (50 CD changer, dual tape deck, AM/FM/HDFM radio, and video input with two gigantic speakers and surround sound. I only ever use it to stream my iTunes. The last CD I put in there was Maladroitfrom 2002) and replace it with tiny/efficient computer speakers. I was able to fix the dishwasher and replace the “screen door” (it’s actually a screen curtain. The jackass that built the house had a custom-sized sliding-glass door leading to the back porch and then he took the custom-sized sliding screen door with him when he moved). I even installed and then uninstalled an air conditioner (it was seriously the size of R2D2).

These days are good days.

Today is one of these days.

I think I might do a few things I really enjoy. Like making fun of people on Facebook for using Facebook.


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