Here's what it look like on an iPhone.

left” is about to explode.  It’s going to be everywhere.  It’ll be trendier than bad comic book movies and karaoke TV shows combined.  Why?  Because you can now download it on Kobo.

Just like your favorite Stephen King novel or…

Ok.  I can’t do this.  If I was a publishing house or an agent or something, maybe I could muster up enough fake enthusiasm so you’d go check out Tiny Life on Kobo.  But I’m not.  I realize no one has ever heard of Kobo.  I realize that Kobo – competing with Amazon and Barnes & Noble – is probably run by someone pretty dumb.  And I realize that hitching my wagon to their star probably isn’t the best idea.

It’s like getting really excited that I now offer my band’s songs on Grooveshark.com.

It’s like getting really excited that I now offer free printable directions on FindIt.com.

It’s like getting really excited that I now offer free streaming porn at TubeOClock.com.

You’ve never heard of these sites.  You already have an account at iTunes and Google and YouPorn.  Why would anyone anywhere go somewhere else when these companies have made it so very simple for you to get what you want?

Here's the eReader you got as a gift from a Land's End catalogue. Enjoy.

The only reason I can see someone buying my book at Kobo is if you elderly parent and/or (you might be from Alabama) grandparent bought you a Kobo eReader out of a catalogue when you specifically asked for a Kindle.

If that’s you, here’s the link.

If that’s not you, I apologize.


3 Responses

  1. I’d never heard of YouPorn before. I’m sort of fighting the urge to go check it out, although I have no idea why I’m fighting it.

    • I have a friend who is into ALL sorts of porn. It seems like every time I see him he tells me about a new site.

      He’s into “hypnotism porn” now.

      • “Hypnotism porn” sounds suspiciously like an instructional video about how to commit implausible-sounding rape. I think it would hard to convict a rapist on the theory of hypnotism. Just be sure to erase your browser history!

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