“Jed Jr.” Ch. 2 Podcast Available!

Because of The Kid, I don’t really have a whole lot of quiet time to sit in front of a computer and talk about The Big Questions like “what kind of hands does a stick figure have?”  I’ve been done with chapter 2 for over a month and finally got a day to record something.  So…

As usual, this podcast is available in three different ways and in many different places:

  1. Photocast: This contains 27 of the best pictures from chapter 2 of “Jed Jr.“. It’s available here or at the “downloads” page.
  2. Podcast: This contains the same 27 pictures as the Photocast, but it’s in a cool movie format. You can’t exactly tell what’s happening by simply looking at these pictures, but I think it shows quite a bit of the style and panache of this newest novel (especially if you’re a first-time buyer). It’s available here or at the “downloads” page. You can also view it below or at iTunes.
  3. Commentary: This contains the same movie from the non-commentary podcast, but with commentary. I apologize for being tardy on this podcast (and give several lame excuses) and I discuss the idea of various life stages that are represented throughout Tiny Life. It’s available here or at the “downloads” page or on the Tiny Life Facebook page. You can also subscribe to Tiny Life podcasts via iTunes.

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