Useless Button

One of the reasons I like Apple is because their stuff is usually pretty simple.  Unlike Windows, they don’t give you the option to make a million different choices on a million different things with a million different outcomes that don’t really change much of anything.  iTunes, for example, is a pretty straightforward program; there aren’t any skins to change or varying libraries to deal with.

That’s why I was surprised when the latest version of the Apple Remote app came out.  Basically, I can play any song in my iTunes library on any speaker in the house – it’s great for when I’m making dinner and Lemon needs something to do besides watch me cut vegetables in my underwear (it’s been Florida-like hot lately) – and I can control it all from my phone.  Everything on this screen has a purpose:

The icons all make sense: a right arrow for “next song” a bullet list for “album contents.”  But what does a widescreen TV with the universal symbol of “I will hypnotize you” mean?

After pressing the button again and again, I finally figured it out.  It turns on the visualization on the computer.  So this:

Looks like this:

Finally, an app that allows me to remotely turn on a swirling colors application on my computer while I’m not even in the room.  I’m glad they spent the man-hours trying to figure out this brain buster instead of trying to figure out how to make their iPhone work at my house.


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