I said this a post or two ago, but I was recently at an inservice for my day job. It was the type of inservice where everyone had to bring their own laptop. Being that most inservices are useless, I usually get there the second they start and leave the second they’re done. What this usually means is that I have to sit WAY in the back (which is just fine by me).

What I noticed from my position at the very back of the room, is that most people – people between the ages of 30 and 50 anyway – don’t have anything interesting on their laptop wallpaper. I have a selection of interesting and unique architecture; they had pictures of their families (I felt pressured to do the same; luckily my ridiculously cheap laptop won’t hold more than a few pictures). This got me thinking…

For each chapter that I complete, I usually add a wallpaper image or two on the Downloads page. After looking at some of the specific stats for this site, I’ve discovered, unsurprisingly, that downloading wallpaper is the least popular part of this site.

So I’m thinking, instead of creating more and more content that no one ever sees, maybe I should make a Flickr account with the wallpaper images on it. At least that was I can make a widget for it on the website and newcomers could easily see some of the artwork that they’ll eventually buy (everyone does).

If worse comes to worse and no one looks at the Flickr site, because Tiny Life is in more places, I’ll be easier to Google.

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  1. […] A few days ago I announced that I wouldn’t be making any more wallpaper since no one downloads it anyway (you all have pictures of your kids or something gay like that on your desktops, don’t you!?), but that I would be posting new art on Flickr every once in a while. […]

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