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I’m not a super-political guy.  I never understood why people we elect don’t either what is simplest or do what their constituents tell them; they instead do what they project will be a popular thing during the next election cycle.  Because of this obvious disconnect, I find politicians easy fodder for comedy, so I do listen to a lot to the political comedy shows.

On a lot of these shows the debate is generally “Is the president doing a good job?” and the answer is almost universally “no”; no matter who’s in charge and no matter how long they’ve been at it, people aren’t happy.  In the past it was because of some silly things: Bush 1 said “read my lips” so we don’t like him, Clinton got a BeeJay so we don’t like him, Bush 2 is stupid so we don’t like him.  The main reason people don’t like Obama right now is because of something pretty serious, but it’s also because of something that’s almost out of his control.  The main focus on every political talk show I’ve seen over the last few months has been the debt ceiling and job creation.  The debt ceiling is a pretend issue, so let’s gloss over that (have you ever heard of it before May?  It’s been raised like 300 times).

The Republicans say that Obama hasn’t created the jobs that he promised and the ones that were created weren’t far-reaching enough.  The Democrats say that he has, but the recession was much worse than we thought so even though he created 2 million jobs, Americans lost 2 million additional jobs.  The Republicans say that tax cuts for the wealthy / businesses will create jobs; Democrats say that tax hikes for the wealthy / businesses will create jobs.

And this is what I mean by “doing what’s simplest.”  Instead of debating “Yes he did!” / “No way did not!” no one ever stops and goes, “Who is this magical fairy that creates jobs?”

I can’t walk outside and pick up a homeless guy and give him a job; even a corporation can’t do that.  Why?  Because there’s no demand: I don’t need anything done around the house and a corporation doesn’t need anything done around the office.  If I needed something done here, I’d do it already; if a corporation needed something done, they’d have somebody on it already.  Demand creates jobs.

What do we want?  iPhones and flat panel TVs and fast food.  Since we also want a livable wage, making these things isn’t really an option for America.

What else do we want?  High speed internet everywhere and free electricity and cars that don’t need much gas.  These are the things we can work on.  How do we create demand for these things (which then creates a job do fulfill this demand)?  In the private sector, we already have done what we can: we want them and we’re willing to pay (but not too much) for them.  In the public sector, the government – and here’s a “super-radical” idea – collects no taxes on these businesses for a few years.  None.  No corporate taxes, no property taxes, no income taxes for the workers.

Suddenly corporations and subsidiaries are clamoring to get into these businesses where they can earn 30-50% more money making windmills instead of making steering columns.  Suddenly workers are clamoring for jobs where they can make 25-50% more money installing fiber optic cable instead of sewer line.

Seems pretty simple (I thought of it and all I do all day is think of ways for a stick figure to be more lovable).  But no one will implement this.  Instead they’ll argue about how it is / isn’t racist to like / not like a black president.


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  1. Yes, get the government (taxes) out of the way of businesses, and there’s your magic, job-creating fairy. Brilliant! Because governments can’t create jobs – they don’t own anything. They can only take from people and give it to other people. Businesses create jobs. I had no idea you were a conservative, Nick.

  2. Actually, I said neither businesses NOR government can create jobs: “I can’t walk outside and pick up a homeless guy and give him a job; even a corporation can’t do that.”
    The point of the article is that the simplest thing – tax exemption for emerging markets – is probably the best (which is actually using government to incentivize business to enable demand to take shape).
    If you got “get the government out of business” from my article, you’re a LOT more conservative than I thought.

  3. A business can’t turn a homeless guy into an employee, but it can, when the market it’s in gives it the opportunity (profits), to create a job where there wasn’t one before. Gov’t can’t even do that. If it “creates” a job it’s only done by confiscating resources from someone else. Our gov’t has tried what you proposed, targeting emerging markets like solar power by handing it tarp funds. Some of those companies are going bankrupt. Gov’t should not be in the business of creating demand or fast-tracking pet industries. They suck at it. They NEVER get it right. Let the market decide what it wants. And yes, I’m probably the most conservative guy you know. Vote Ron Paul 2012!

  4. Giving companies TARP money isn’t the simplest way to do it (again, the point of the article). The simplest way is to identify what we want – “High speed internet everywhere and free electricity and cars that don’t need much gas” – and stay out of their wallets for a while. Leaving businesses alone is NOT a good idea (enron, housing market, banks, oil conglomerates are all good examples).

  5. Holy shit, you got comments!

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