The Wife took off to DragonCon this past week so I’ve been stuck with Lemon. Although I could regale you with all sorts of cute stories – like the one where I taught her how to throw garbage away in the trash can or the one where she saw me and decided to spontaneously give me a kiss or the one where she gave me a big hug when she woke up every morning – but I won’t. Cuz those are boring (I learned a couple weeks back that there is nothing more boring than listening to someone talk about their kid). So instead, I’ll give you an example what exactly I could do while I had a kid literally crawling all over me and stepping on my scrotum.

I bought and watched the entire run of Dilbert. I’ve always been a fan of the comic strip; it’s always been funny and clever and smart and on-point and poorly drawn (as a matter of fact, it’s part of the source material for the upcoming “A Warm Place” novel debuting in the winter of 2019) so I thought the TV show would be too.

Strip = always funny

It’s most of those things. It’s clever (there’s one episode where the workers invent an employee so that management doesn’t use an empty cubicle for storage. They call him “Todd.” Throughout the rest of the episode, people say things like, “I don’t believe in Todd” and “Todd works in mysterious ways”). It’s smart (there is more than one episode where the plot revolves around how useless societal rules are indeed useless). It’s on-point (an entire episode revolves around never talking to a person when ordering products online). It’s poorly drawn (it’s reminiscent of Tracy Ulman-era Simpsons).

It is, however, never funny.

Except that one with Jerry Seinfeld in it. That one was pretty good.


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