Been Doing

Since my “work stoppage” I’ve been doing a lot of stuff around the house that only takes a few minutes here and there (unlike comics, which takes a few hours here and there).

First off: the laundry room.

Every day I think about why I bought this POS house I live in (then I remember the climate of 2004: “buy a house and sell it for twice what you paid in six months”).  I constantly work on it; it leaks, it creaks, it’s not well insulated, and for some reason mold grows on my siding.  Every time I think about why I bought it, I think about how grateful I am that I bought this turd instead of some terrific modern thing where I would eventually find a thousand things I would change.  Since I live in a shoebox, I don’t mind knocking down walls and tearing out cabinets; I’d feel awful if I paid twice as much for a palace and had to do the same.

For instance: my house has no main floor closet.  I know it doesn’t sound like much and you’ve probably never thought about it, but the stuff you keep in a hallway/kitchen closet – a vacuum, a broom, dog food, plastic bags, off-season coats, flash lights – now have to go somewhere else.  I store all of that in a dozen different places because I don’t have any alternative.  We keep the flashlights in a cubby above where we hang the current-season coats; I made a closet underneath the stairs where we hang the off-season coats; the dog food goes in a thin cabinet beside the stove ; we kept all the cleaning stuff in a pile in the laundry room.  Literally a pile.  Vacuum on the bottom, a hundred other things, and handheld vacuum on the top.

So I made this:


click to enlarge


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