How Long

Every summer I set aside a little time to do some home improvement stuff.  Sometimes it’s as simple as planing trees; other times it’s as complicated as completely finishing a basement.

This summer, I decided to redo the kids’ bathroom.  I started two weeks ago and finished this morning at 10:42.  I’ll share some before-and-after pictures later.  What I want you to notice is how long it actually took.

I’m never quite sure how long it takes me to do something, or rather, I always think it’s going to go by much quicker than it actually does (for instance, I’ve been working on Jed Jr. since the summer Lemon was born).  This time I decided to time myself.

Because I have kids and because The Wife doesn’t do much around the house, I do a lot of starting-and-stopping.  I’ll work for 90 minutes, hear a kid screaming, go yell at her, work again for 30 minutes, hear some inappropriate laughter, pick up a dook on the coffee table, work for another hour…  It would’ve been a hassle to start and stop a stopwatch a thousand times.  Instead, I just hit “random” on my iPhone and played any song in my playlist until I finished.  Sometimes it was They Might Be Giants, sometimes it was Metallica, sometimes it was a Mitch Hedberg album I pirated back when there was Napster.  The point is: I didn’t skip ahead and I only paused when my work paused.

Putting in new tile, sink, vanity, toilet, and walls takes 568 tracks.

Putting in new tile, sink, vanity, toilet, and walls takes 568 tracks.


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