“Jed Jr.” Chapter 4 Podcast

I actually made this podcast a few years ago – before baby #2 and before the heart thing – but I forgot to put a link up.

As usual, this podcast is available in three different ways and in many different places:

  1. Photocast: This contains 23 of the best pictures from chapter 4 of “Jed Jr.“. It’s available here or at the “downloads” page.
  2. Podcast: This contains the same 23 pictures as the Photocast, but it’s in a cool movie format. In Chapter 4, we see a bit of a love triangle develop between Jed, Sis, and Amy. It’s the ole standby: one symbolizes the familiar and comfortable, the other symbolizes something new and exciting. It’s available here or at the “downloads” page. You can also view it below or at iTunes.
  3. Commentary: This contains the same movie from the non-commentary podcast, but with commentary. I talk about my theory of Tiny Life: as the books slowly develop into an actual comic, I’m able to free up some valuable brainspace to pursue other unrealistic goals.  It’s available here or at the “downloads” page or on the Tiny Life Facebook page. You can also subscribe to Tiny Life podcasts via iTunes.

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