Double Fast Food

When I finally graduated from college in 2003, I moved to California. Because that’s what stupid twenty-somethings do.

Because I was new to the area, I didn’t know where to shop. There was a little strip mall down the road from me that had just about everything: video rental, Jack-in-the-Box, one of those family-owned Chinese restaurant / gift shop / seamstress places, and a grocery store. I was told by some of my co-workers not to shop at the grocery store (although no one said anything about eating day-old pork in the same place they can dry-clean an afghan) because the baggers were on strike. Apparently they wanted a cost-of-living increase and better healthcare benefits.

fastfoodThis current strike of fast-food workers reminds me of that (they want their wages doubled). I imagine it’s going to end the same way.

Don’t think that I’m unsympathetic. I realize that there a lot of people trying to support a family while working the grill. I also realize there are a lot of people who simply could not find a better job because of various globalization issues. But this is still fast food. Literally anyone can do this job.

This is a job that takes absolutely no skill and even less training; it is specifically designed for either 18- or 80-year-olds. You’re not supposed to work this job if you have a family because you’re not supposed to have a family at 18 or 80. You’re not supposed to work this job for years on end because at 18 or 80, you’re not supposed to do anything for years on end.

My name is Skylar and painting my fingernails does no make me gay.

My name is Skylar and painting my fingernails does not make me gay.

One of the demands of the strikers is permission to form a union. I say let ’em have it. Then let them stage a walkout and watch their faces fall as you replace them with a 70 IQ skater kid who’s high on peyote and only wants the job because “dad said either play football or get a job and team sports make my anxiety flare up.”


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